Cotillion Connection Policies

Behavior/Liability Policy

Acceptable behavior is of our utmost importance. If your son/daughter causes an incident or accident that causes a liability for Cotillion Connection, Inc. at any of our classes, parties, or special events, the student’s parents will be fully liable for the damages caused by their son/daughter and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Cotillion Connection, Inc. from any legal risk. With exercising normal precautions, Cotillion Connection, Inc. will not be held responsible for the safety of any members including students, parents, or instructors. If a student engages in inappropriate or unlawful behavior, his/her parents will be asked to pick him/her up immediately. The student’s membership/registration may be terminated with no refund. Parents will be held fully responsible and liable for any damages caused by their son/daughter. Please discuss with your son/daughter that throwing their garbage on the ground, over the balcony, or in the parking lot is unacceptable and that we would appreciate their garbage making it into a canister. Also, please remind your student that playing on the stairs and messing around on the balcony is unacceptable as well. We are concerned for the safety of all members. No gum, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or smoking cigarettes will be allowed. Non-members are not allowed to visit or participate.

Drop off / Pick up Policy

*All classes (except for January and May) will be at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, located at 25250 Northwest Freeway in Cypress (NE corner of Hwy 290 & Skinner), on the second floor. Students should arrive using the stairs on the north side of the building (facing the center of the business complex) and depart using the stairs on the south side of the building (facing Highway 290).

* January Casual Banquet will be held at La Hacienda Banquet Hall, 12503 Telge Road, Cypress 77429.

* May Formal Banquet will be held at Houston National Golf Club, 16500 Houston National Blvd, 77095 (just south of 290, north of West Road & east of Barker Cypress directly off of Queenston in the StoneGate subdivision) If you are in a carpool, please make sure you have all the students you are suppose to pick up prior to leaving.

Dress Code Policy

We would like for your son/daughter to be dressed appropriately for each class. Students may not be allowed to participate in the lesson if the student does not adhere to the following dress code:

  • Ladies – a dress, skirt/blouse, or dressy pants/top will be required. Absolutely, under no circumstances, will strapless dresses or strapless tops be allowed. Please understand that the bra straps and stomach will not be showing, nor will the neckline be too revealing. Just above the knee is the appropriate dress/skirt length. Short dresses/skirts just underneath the bottom as well as shorts and jeans are prohibited unless otherwise noted. Shoes with a smooth sole and a strap around the heel or closed heel are required. Flats and heels may be worn as long as they fit snugly. Closed toe shoes are preferred. Flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes, boat/hiking shoes, clogs, bare feet, and platform shoes are not acceptable.

  • Gentlemen – a blazer/sports coat with dress pants (nice Khaki’s are fine) or a traditional suit along with a button-down shirt, tie, and belt will be required. Shorts and jeans are prohibited unless otherwise noted. Shirts must be tucked in and pants worn appropriately on the hips. Dress shoes (slip-ons or lace-ups) or Ropers with a smooth sole are required. Flip fops, sandals, tennis shoes, bare feet, and boat/hiking shoes are not acceptable.

  • For both – facial jewelry other than earrings and tattoos are not acceptable. Hats and t-shirts are only acceptable at classes or parties that have been specifically noted; otherwise they are not allowed. Exceptions: Our two evening parties (January and May) are theme nights as well as our Western Class. Dress accordingly (see invitation). Gum, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or cigarette smoking will not be allowed.

Homework Policy

A workbook will be issued to every student. Please help remind them to bring this book to every class. After each class, an email will be sent out letting everyone know what they need to do at home, what will be going on, or if anything is needed for the following month. A listing will be in your booklet as well. Some lessons may change, but I will let everyone know the updates through email and our website. Please make every attempt for your student to attend every class. Missing classes may cause your student to fall behind.

Practice Policy

Practicing both the etiquette and dance skills that are taught each month is crucial. With only one class a month, practicing regularly at home, between classes, will build his/her confidence. Practice makes perfect! At each class, a prize will be given out to two students that demonstrate active participation! We highly encourage parents/chaperones to learn as well. *Fathers are invited to attend a special class held at a special time (see calendar) in December for instruction with their daughter. Fathers and daughters should practice their dance a week prior to their dance in January. *Mothers are invited to attend a special class held at a special time (see calendar) in April for instruction with their son. Mothers and sons should practice their dance prior to their dance in May.

Absence/Make-up Class Policy

With only one class a month, we hope every effort will be made to attend the students scheduled class. However, we understand if a student will not be able to attend. If a student will be absent, please send an email letting us know. Students may make-up a missed class in two ways - attend another scheduled class or arrive 15 minutes prior to the next scheduled class of his/her specific chapter. If a student would like to make-up a class, please contact the Director by email prior to the day of the class.

Registration Fee Policy

The total registration fee for the Junior Cotillion program is $260. There is a $5 discount for all check/cash payments. You can register by paying in full or by paying the initial deposit of $160 ($155 if by check/cash). Make checks payable to Cotillion Connection, Inc. Registration will open in February 2011 and due by April 30, 2011. The balance, if not paid in full, will be due August 15, 2011. There is a $10 late fee for all registrations submitted after the above two dates with the exception of a new student or a student from the waiting list. Unfortunately, payments are non-refundable unless we are able to find a replacement for your son/daughter prior to the first class. If we are able to find a replacement before the first class, we will refund $100 given that a full payment has been received. No refund will be made if we have only received the initial deposit. Payments are non-refundable for any reason once registration period has ended. Prepayment is necessary to reserve the studio, the clubhouses, the instructors, and order workbooks/materials in advance. We make those payments in advance based on our initial registrations. Cotillion Connection, Inc. requires a minimum of 74 students (37 ladies and 37 gentlemen) with a maximum of 100 students (50 ladies and 50 gentlemen). If a specific group/chapter does not reach this minimum, a full refund will be given unless other arrangements can be made. Thank you for your understanding with this matter. You can register online at

Please be sure to register for the correct chapter.

Philanthropy Opportunity Policy

These opportunities will be offered throughout the year and are totally optional. Please do not feel obligated to participate. However, as part of our program, Cotillion Connection, Inc. would like to encourage awareness and participation of our community needs. If you choose to bring the “Item of the Month” to class, Thank you! We will be happy to accept these items at the beginning of their scheduled class. In an effort to build awareness and leadership, Cotillion Connection, Inc. would like to offer additional opportunities for students to assist in delivering these items. The students would ride with their parent or friend and follow a Cotillion Connection, Inc. representative to Boys and Girls Country. As dates are subject to change, delivery of these items is planned for the Saturday after the scheduled Sunday class. Times to be announced. If you are interested in serving as a student leader, please let us know which month(s) you will be able to attend.

Photography Policy

Photography and Videotaping will not be allowed with the exception of a written permission from Cotillion Connection, Inc. Each student will receive a $10 credit toward photo orders of the 2 evening banquets ($5 will be applied to each banquet). Each student will also receive an 8 x 10 professional group photo which will be taken at the January banquet. Students and Parents will NOT be allowed to bring in personal cameras and take pictures unless directed by Cotillion Connection, Inc. Please take pictures beforehand. By accepting these terms and conditions, photos may be used for future marketing needs of Cotillion Connection, Inc. Additional photo orders will be available at the professional photographer’s fee.

Contact Information Policy

By registering, participants give permission for their contact information to be released as part of their chapter’s roster. Participants understand that this information will NOT be sold or given to anyone other than to the families in their son/daughter’s specific chapter. In return, participants agree NOT to release their chapter’s contact information to any outside source or for unsolicited email distribution. Please inform Cotillion Connection, Inc. in writing by the Kickoff meeting, if you wish for your contact information not to be released to your specific chapter.

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